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Types of products
"Details make perfection" once said a great Italian artist, known as Leonardo da Vinci: however minor elements seem by definition, the details are very important and their care can make a huge difference in every area .
Vases, cups, lamps, tables and consoles give character and harmony to the environments, especially if elaborated with passion, love and elegance.
What gives character to the house? The little details that talk of you, your style, memories and passions.
The wide range of accessories that Vicabon offers to its customers is surrounded by: Watches, jewelry holders, essence holders, and other small objects.
Let your spaces tell about you through many objects, as beautiful as they are useful, all to love.
More than any other domestic space, the kitchen tells stories of moments spent with family, evenings with friends, special events.
Bring a drink with an elegant tray to the table, serve a dessert from a cake pan made by master craftsmen. The right detail will make every event memorable.
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